I Had an Accident

Crystal Radio (Gilead7 & Dr. Strangelove) – ‘Crystal Radio’ c31 $8
crystalradiosmallGilead7 of Tomorrow Kings fame teams up with UK producer Dr. Strangelove to create an album 10 years in the making… Crystal Radio. Crystal Radio is an experimental hip hop album that explores the influences of jazz, hip hop, beat, art rap, and story writing. A diversified album with abstract vocals and fresh sounds beats, its an album meant to be played on cassette, a throwback so to speak – that explores modern elements of hip hop but remains true to the craft as one expects from a Gilead. Dr. Strangelove provides the atmosphere that recalls the past as the past and the future as something to focus on while always remembering the present. Gilead calls on Phantom Thrett to not only mix and master the album, but lend a voice on a few tracks. Limited to 100 purple tinted cassettes with artwork by ALBANE.


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