Deserted Village

Gavin Prior – ‘All Who Wander’ CD
All Who Wander 1500X1500All Who Wander is an album of aural vignettes, rest stops on multiple journeys. We hear spontaneous compositions recorded in the open air and tracks in which field recordings are snatched from their time and place and collaged with instruments recorded in studios on other continents. “Most of the tracks on this album were recorded spontaneously without a particular project in mind. It was only when listening back I noticed the pattern of combining acoustic instruments with field recordings.” Field recording opportunities have come about through emigration to Korea, touring with United Bible Studies and the flaneur’s openness to chance encounters which can enrich the shortest of journeys. “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost” is a line from a Tolkien poem, first seen by Gavin on a bumper sticker en route to Burning Man. So, as this album’s title it takes the form of dedication to fellow travellers.


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