terrine/fusiller split CS
pseudo-conceptual tape – terrine side rec. may 2015 – fusiller side rec. june 2015 – 16:32 per side. terrine is a lofi industrial beer trip dedicated to the divas from your teenage world. fusiller is the dust of the warm-up and technical misdemeanour sessions preceding the 2015 tapette fest. this is screams & tears & love & fury & misadjusted microphones & loopings.

dmz – ‘carex boréal’ CS
back again, forever & again. electronics looking into your eyes with their silicium heart. adulterated electricity, synthetic birds, brain diving board, some kind of hyperactivty. the final proof that you can play while turning your back. printed on full super germanic quality with inserts super easy to lose. ultra-pro dubbing.


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