Moon Mist

BODY MORPH – ‘Mold in a Meaningless Coffin’ box
bodyboxcollageReissue. Lovingly crafted 8 cassette box set containing out of print cassettes and other material from BODY MORPH, originally released between 2008 and 2016. Set contains a poster, 10-page booklet, and wrap-around cover all in full color and housed in a “library-style” vinyl box. Edition of 25 boxed sets. Set contains the following material: “The Foam” (Hermitage), “Muted Me” (EXBX), “Sensorium Connect” (EXBX), split w/INVASION STATUS (American Tapes), split w/ GAB (EXBX), “Travel Keys” (Digitalis), “Gibbering Rot” (Hermitage), “Leech” (Gods of Tundra), “Bone Alone” (EXBX), “Mountain Manglings Vol.2” (EXBX), “Live with the Hamtramck Philharmonic Orchestra” split w/ J.LORENZ (EXBX), “Centipedes” (EXBX), “Negative Face” (Arbor), split w/GOLDBERG (aSoundesign) “The Villagers Will Never Wake…”


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