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Hakobune – ‘Mizukagami’ CS
Hakobune, (aka 依藤貴大 (Takahiro Yorifuji)) has been at the heart of some of the most deeply wistful, glacially meandering ambient compositions since first breaking out back in 2007. Having already issued vibrantly sedate sounds with Beer On The Rug, Constellation Tatsu, Inner Islands, Patient Sounds, Sunshine Ltd., and many more, the project now returns with four new tracks of lethargic bliss and expansive melancholy. Opening with the 18-minute “ Nagasaki,” Mizukagami wastes no time, diving headfirst into the extended drift of oceanic sound. Stringed chords and pensive tones are slowed to a smear, blurring each moment of beauty into a timeless arc of sound. This charmed, intricate miasmah continues to unfurl with little sense or care of urgency, solemnly traipsing through “Shiga,” “Yamagata,” and “Shizuoka” with complete resolve. Mizukagami is what Hakobune has been honing all of these years, only perfected now with effortless grace and elegance. Limited edition of 100, imprinted purple cassettes, fold-out j-card and insert with download code.


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