Deathbomb arc

DBA123 Daveed Diggs – ‘Small Things To A Giant’ CS
DBA123frontJust before clipping. broke through with their mixtape ‘midcity’ and years before ‘Hamilton’ went to Broadway, Daveed Diggs released his own solo full length called ‘Small Things To a Giant’. This proud dedication to his identity as a person born and raised in the Bay is filled with upbeat tracks, exciting production, and the incredible sort of bars only Daveed Diggs can deliver. We are very proud to finally bring this release to the physical realm with it’s first ever cassette version.

DBA139 BLKHRTS – ‘Dead Drops vol 1’ heart-shaped LP
DBA139front“BLKHRTS describe themselves as M.O.P.-meets-Morrissey. Somehow, this is largely accurate.” – Pitchfork [Our favorite underrated rap releases of the year] After slews of videos and mixtapes, guest production & remixes for HEEMS and clipping., BLKHRTS present their first vinyl release: ‘Dead Drops vol.1’. Crafted completely by the group’s own hand, Deathbomb Arc is honored to provide exclusive distribution for this historic offering. Deluxe packages are also available directly from BLKHRTS.

DBA142 GRYPT – ‘Tonight You Die’ video game & soundtrack
DBA142frontTONIGHT YOU DIE is an audio-rich 1st person horror experience for Windows and OSX created by Jack Squires of Duende Games in collaboration with sound designers / interactive storytellers GRYPT. The game abandons players in a desolate brutalist cityscape with only a menacing note as a clue: TONIGHT YOU DIE. A paranoid fantasy existing in the space between a music single and a jam game, TONIGHT YOU DIE culminates with the player’s inevitable demise and GRYPT’s eponymous song. In “TONIGHT YOU DIE,” GRYPT’s ominous sound is paired with the furious drumming of Brian “Charlemagne Lazarus” Kinsman (True Neutral Crew, ex-Foot Village). The single also includes a remix by GRYPT of label-mate clipping.’s track “Body & Blood” from their Sub-Pop debut, and 3 eclectic remixes of “TONIGHT YOU DIE.” Bass music producer DMNSLYR (STYLSS), cello songstress UNWOMAN, and True Neutral Crew member Signor Benedick the Moor (Deathbomb Arc) each provide a unique variation on GRYPT’s horrific theme. Also included is GRYPT’s authorized remix of clipping. (Sub Pop). The album and game are available together as a free-or-donate download.

DBA144 They Hate Change – ‘Cycles’ CS
DBA144frontWith laid back vocal styles similar to The Pharcyde and especially Masta Ace Incorporated this Florida based duo is approaching hiphop composition in an exciting manner unlike any act we’ve worked with. A bedroom collage sensibility one used to find with a lot of early 90s indierock acts (Beck, Sebadoh, tons of K Records releases) is infused throughout They Hate Change’s work as both producers and rappers. This is the sort shit that knows both it’s past and future and isn’t afraid of either…. and yet, as bold as it is, still is perfect for chilling on a summer day.

DBA145 True Neutral & Signor Benedick The Moor – ‘When The Song Is Done’
DBA145frontThe day before Signor Benedick The Moor & True Neutral’s big US tour, a once in a lifetime artistic opportunity came up that just could not be passed on, even though it meant canceled the trip months in the making. The fans were still on SB and TN’s minds though and this special free song was made just for them.


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