Rusted Rail

Loner Deluxe – ‘The Coast is Clear’
Loner Deluxe_The Coast is Clear coverRusted Rail is proud to announce the release of “The Coast is Clear”, a free 3-track Digital Cassingle from Loner Deluxe available to download from Bandcamp. Why a Digital Cassingle I hear you ask? And what is a Digital Cassingle anyhow? Too long to be a Single and too short to be an Extended Player, this collection of three songs by Rusted Rail recording artist Loner Deluxe is free to download but instead of seeming like its being shared with the world at no cost Loner Deluxe decided to call it a Digital Cassingle just to muddy the waters a little, and to get people talking and listening. The addition of vocals and live instrumentation melds with the bedrock of sampladelic electronica of his previous output to lead Loner Deluxe into the future. This summer release will be followed by a winter sequel later in 2015 called “Snowed Under”, also containing three free songs.


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