DK055 Myrmecophagous – ‘Gardens’ C40
DK055psiMyrmecophagous is a noise music duo, which consists of Aaron Giazzon and the producer and performer Fabrizio De Bon. They combine the (60s) experimental and sound effect-like employment of the guitar with the most stinging and radical harsh noise of the Japanese school. The result is a continuous flux of sounds and noises, together with sensations that are captivating and unsettling at the same time. The name “Mymecophagus” means “which feeds on ants”. The experimental music can catch the listener unprepared, at times, or leave them unconvinced, which is exactly what happens eating a spoonful of ants. The noise has, however, the ability to contribute to the immersion of emotions and energy. Artwork drawing by Gola Hundun.

DK054 WOUND – ‘Be a sign a in the flow’ C30
DK054psiWOUND is the most intimate and isolationist side of the musician and sound agitator Massimo Onza aka Truculentboy, member of drone duo Compoundead and punk core project Tronco; from 2004 to 2009 he’s been head honcho of Mastro Titta Productions and from 2010 of SINCOPE Records, as well as current curator of MammaMiaQuantoSangue zine.The two pieces that make up his cassette for Dokuro are initially characterized by static sound elements, isolated pulses and electrical crackles. With the passing of minutes details take shape and sounds are listened as if they were intercepted through the use of an imaginary directional microphone aimed at the darkness to a dark room, revealing the teeming hidden life. Some frequencies make their way through others: clashing, colliding and chasing with each other, giving rise to the climax of the piece. The compositional strategy proposed by WOUND is expressed in two different contexts: the titletrack of the a-side is a studio recording and for the b-side a live recording at the Dal Verme in Rome. With this release Massimo Truculentboy Onza manages to combine the sincere roughness of noise with the aptitude of the electroacoustic improvisation that usually prompts the listener to an attentive and partecipatory listening. Artwork drawing by Valerio Beltrame, layout by mic/nodolby.

DK053 FKK2 – ‘Out-Burn’ CD
dk053psiDokuro is proud to present the collaboration between two veterans and masters of the Japanese noise scene: K2 (Kimihide Kusafuka) and FK (Fumio Kosakai of INCAPACITANTS). The first track “Showroom Mummies” of K2 is an high-energy piece full of omnidirectional sonic explosions and distorted whirpools.
Mr. Kusafuka’s skill is that he knows how to push the limits a little further in the threshold of endurance. oFumio Kosakai surprises by proposing instead an exercise in musique concrète that is most likely the quieter work of all his repertoire. Field recordings of trains sounds are assembled into a piece constantly balanced between silence and storytelling. The total absence of crowd’s presence in the soundscape places the listener as the only witness to this race in the Yokohama Express. The CD ends with “Radioactivit-Art” a four-handed tune, where the two noise-masters give the best of themselves, the sound writhes in perpetuum, in a centrifugal thrust that reaches the maximum noise. The rule is simple but effective: the more intense is the sonic overpowering the higher is the ecstatic rapture. Artwork drawing by Valerio Beltrame, layout by mic/nodolby.


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