Liminal Noise

LN010 Bird People/Waterflower split C30 £5
WF - BP Cover - FrontEdition: 50. Artwork by Sabine Moore. Sparkly green cassettes. Bird People is Austrian Ulrich Rois, a prolific musician who creates psychedelic, ritual music from a variety of instruments and sources. This particular release was the product of a collaboration with two new band members in a live recording with no overdubs and barely any effects. Waterflower is an audio visual journey into the atmospheric, ethereal world of mixed-media artist Sabine Moore. Based in Riga, Latvia, she uses a musical collage of toy sounds, running water, glass beads, calculator beeps, ghostly piano melodies and her sublime vocalisations to create unique song forms. Her meditative music combines influences from the rich tradition of Latvian folk song whilst employing elements of modern pop.

LN009 Lost Harbours – ‘Into the failing light’ CD £8
Lost Harbours Into the Failing CoverEdition: 500. Artwork by Lost Harbours. Lost Harbours second album, recorded Into the Failing Light was written during the long, bleak winter of 2012 / 2013. Holed up in a tiny studio in their decaying sea – side town, battered by the Northerly winds claustrophobia set in, troubled hearts remained shaken, splintered and anxious. Meditating on the Battle of Maldon, ancient poetry of failure and ruin formed the basis of Winter Shall Reign; whilst catharsis and the intense horror of pavor nocturnas informed the rest of the album.

LN008 ‘Any love is good love‘ CD £8
Any Love CoverEdition: 500. This album was compiled by Ste McCabe and Emma Reed and released to help raise awareness of homophobia and transphobia and to encourage discussion and progress around these issues, as well as raising money for Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester. It was sparked by one of many, many violent attacks which are carried out against people who are, or even just seem to be, deviating from what some people see as ‘the norm.’

LN007 NOW – ‘The Tape’ C20 £4
Now CoverEdition: 50. Artwork by Justin Paton. Yellow cassettes
20 minute cassette from legendary London stalwarts NOW, bring their own brand of kosmiche rock infused experimental pop.


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