ndnlsmallNDNL are L. Rice & V. Alves. A brewer, choral collective with a penchant for keyboards & liberal economic theory. East Anglia/Portugal. A-pulsing, a-droning & a-muttering coalesce across two sides (15 minutes). On some tracks, phrases are repeated lots of times, while another member of NDNL plays synthesizers, making noises like “whoaaaaaa, sqqqqqqrrrrrrrrrr, llllllooooooooo”. I’m not selling it, but just have a think. Pound Shop Posh Isolation, that’s us. £4 worldwide delivery? We’ve sent stuff to Tasmania, it’s a fucking joke. Edition of 44, all cassettes are cable-tied into their cases. Artwork is a coloured diamond & an old hand. Hehe.

secdsmallSAMANTHA GRACE EDWARDS produces undulating, throbbing drone music in North London. Glasses Bear recently saw her performing in a warehouse. Stuttering samples swim beneath the radar while thick multi-sonic waves ebb & flow in great meandering swashes. Moody & introspective, GRACELAND is perfect for clearing out those summer sunshine blues & reconnecting with the flat, oppressive gloom of the wet winter. GRACELAND was recorded in the capital of England within the last 12 months. All profits from this release go to supporting impoverished speed boat captains. Keep on rockin’ guys/gals (on the high seas). Edition of 50 CDs with double-sided black & white card insert. Graveyard on-CD printing.

inthreadssmallIN THREADS is the sound of three (free) people in a room throwing music around it. It bounces off the walls & into a “portable recording device”. Daniel Spicer (Mystery Lesson Radio, Bollide), Dr Parsons (struck off?) & Verity Spott (books & music etc) comprise this newly formed trio, weaving skimpy tattered jazz garments out of thin air… & instruments & that… Churning cello drones, bamboo saxophone dances, cymbals sing & drums chatter. This is Sunday mourning music. Recorded in Brighton, UK in late 2014. IN THREADS have since performed live in the South East of England & intend to do so again. A must have for fans of “kalt kaffe” & non-alcoholic sunrises. Edition of 49. Black & grey CDs with recycled wrap around covers.

rrs2tapesmallROBERT RIDLEY-SHACKLETON returns to Beartown for another excursion into the (un)known. Knackered karaoke king vs rumbling cave-side calamities. Wretched rhythms on the mountainside stumble alongside CASIO casualties & tic-tac-toe drum beats. A miserable meander through the mind matrix of a one-man mad mansion. Screaming uncles at the wedding disco. Screaming cousins at the wedding disco. A murder in the DJ booth. A baby born in the DJ booth. Distorted mumbling & wafer-thin organ sounds. HELLO is, without a doubt, a complete disasterpiece. Discretion advised at every juncture. Edition of 55. Yellow tapes with fungus design on one bit & “colliding model toff column” art on another bit.


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