Hacktivism Records

Ando Laj – ‘Diagonal Rotation’ CD
Ando Laj CD APSIAndo Laj has been a staple in the Hacktivism sound since the beginning; in our continuation of firsts with Ando, we are proud to release our first CD “Diagonal Rotation”. This release is a culmination of everything that Ando has worked with on his prior releases. From the early almost chillwave works to the super accessible “Miriam Transmission” that we released earlier this year. You can really hear how Ando has grown as an artist. On the first single, “Pyra Fora”, Ando shifts through several different styles of electronica with an almost Krautrock-like structure. As a whole Diagonal Rotation is more of a dense and flowing beast than its predecessors, akin to electronic ambient greats like Global Communication’s “76:14”. Let yourself glide through 80+ minutes of beautiful electronica.

ƸC†OPL∆SM – ‘Worthless Plastic’ cassingle
VHS Single #2 APSIThe second VHS single in our series features IDM/Glitch Producer ƸC†OPL∆SM’s “Worthless Plastic”. Comes as a C10 cassette stylized as a re-recordable VHS cassette from the 80s and 90s. Nostalgic of your childhood fantasies. Previously self-released digitally and sold out on Mini-CD, this collection of future beats and glossy synthesis soundtracks the volatile dance scene of our post-apocalyptic future days. Undoubtedly this release will be the hit single of 2083 so it’s best you get your hands on one today! All singles come with gloss print-out of liner notes and Hacktivism business card.


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