M. Mucci – ‘Secret Midnights’ C70 $7
M-MucciGuelph, Ontario-based master guitarist M. Mucci has graciously agreed to let us reissue two of his out-of-print cassette albums on one C70 volume. Both The Secret is Knowing When to Close Your Eyes and Midnights are featured here in their entirely, the former with previously unreleased bonus material included. Mucci is one of the most exciting instrumental guitarists working today and we’re deeply honoured to be able to make these titles available in a physical format once again. In the vein of Loren Mazzacane Connors, Sir Richard Bishop, Jack Rose and the like.

Lost Trail/Door – ‘Split Tapes Series Vol. 12‘ C60 $7
LostTrailLOST TRAIL is the ambient/dronegaze/experimental noise project of husband-and-wife duo Zachary Corsa and Denny Wilkerson Corsa. Based in the mysterious small city of Burlington, NC, The Corsas utilize lo-fi and obsolete recording technology in their music, aiming to capture a sense of atmosphere and landscape in both man-made and wild environments. Working primarily with second-hand analog equipment, their work is a vivid patchwork collage of damaged cassette loops, field recordings, primitive percussion, layers of ethereal guitar drones, wailing feedback and static, and skeletal traces of antique piano and organ. The themes of Lost Trail’s work often include a sense of the otherworldly or supernatural, strong ties to nature, human calamity, and a fascination with the concept of passionate belief systems. The songs themselves are raw, broken, minimalist, imperfect, emotionally resounding and chaotically unpredictable, all composed in the spirit of reckless, heedless improvisation. DOR is a more mysterious affair. Zachary of Lost Trail, who brought them to our attention, had this insight: They’re two dudes (John Rutherford, Jacob Worden) from Charlotte, NC, our biggest city, about 90 minutes south of where Denny and I live and that’s about all I know about ’em! They’re mysterious. And, really, does anyone need to know more about them than that?

Partli Cloudi – ‘Watermelon Cauliflower‘ C30 $7
PartliCloudiMild-mannered librarian by day, by late-afternoon Vancouver Island’s Stephen Wolf turns into the mild-mannered bedroom recordist named Partli Cloudi. “”Watermelon Cauliflower is a delightfully rotten treat. An odd pleasure come to haunt your weirdest nightmares.” Delving deep into his library branch’s audio-book collection, Wolf weaves detailed audio tapestries, adding his own acoustic flourishes and electronic embellishments to a secret world of woozy found-sound.

Hazy Montagne Mystique/Ylangylang – ‘Studies In Trance (Split Tapes Series Vol. 11)’ C30 $7
Hazy-YlangylangHazy Montagne Mystique and Ylangylang two Montreal artists who excel in druggy, electronic trance music — but not that type of trance. The pair are long-time students of trance-inducing tones as evidenced by their collaborative project A Sacred Cloud (whose album ENSOLEILLÉ, 1972, we had the pleasure of releasing in 2013). Those familiar with A Sacred Cloud (and their label Jeunesse Cosmique) will already know that when they say “Trance” they’re talking “Transcendental” and not the late-90’s house music craze associated with the island of Ibiza. Trance as in drone. Trance as in cosmic youth and cosmic spaces.

Semen Priest – ‘ Third Testament‘ C50 $7
jp0 template rectoverso with 0625 bleed-stripped“A grinning, skeletonized and sunglass-eyed Right Said Fred strutting through strobe lit hell-waste, lava sloshing to the groovy thrust.” THIRD TESTAMENT is, fittingly, the third album by Canadian post-punk/electronic art project SEMEN PRIEST. Evolving from the “industrial vapor wave” of their debut, the duo’s previous tape, Disco Horribilis, dallied with EBM tones. On their latest outing Epididymis Rex and Zsa Zsa La Borg dilly with a harder-edged sound inspired by classic ’80s and ’90s Wax Trax! records bands. An excellent foray into a dark underbelly of Canadian electronic music

TRANZMIT – ‘Neue Übertragungen von einer Totenwelt’ C60 $7
Totenwelt_Jcard-FrontToronto-based TRANZMIT creates audio bricolage from live transistor radio sampling / looping and various electronics. Other sound sources include internet videos and thrift store cassette tapes. Neue Übertragungen von einer Totenwelt features soundbites from Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, John Lennon and feminist spoken word artist Anna Binkovitz along with a myriad of anonymous radio waves.


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