I Had an Accident

Loop Minded Instrumentals – ‘A Hitchhiker’s Guide To A Beat’ C38 $8
loopbeatsmallA Hitchhiker’s Guide To A Beat strips the vocals from the Loop Minded Individual’s 2014 release and leaves bare the beats that have made this album a stunning masterpiece. A limited edition cassette features Esh the Monolith and Intrikit with guest appearances by Emoh Betta and DJ Merf. The album is cohesive and brilliant with a well produced sound. Limited to 100 black cassettes. Loop or die.

Richard Catesh – ‘Scenography’ C28/CDr $7/$4
cateshsmallAbstract hip hop artist / new cocoon collaborator, Richard Catesh offers a peak into the warped mind of electronic beats and sounds. Scenography relates to the study and practice of performance design, perfectly illustrated on this 28 minute cassette tape. Catesh brings out experimental sound with electronic beats that mesh and mold into a new form, a being that exists with little control to time and place. The album is rounded out perfectly by a The Notwist cover remix, thus perfectly aligning itself deep into the realm of experimentation. Limited to 20 cassettes and 4 CDrs.


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