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Hell-P-008: True Deceiver – ‘True Deceiver’ CD 6€
Hell-P-008 - True DeceiverTrue Deceiver is the new sludgy post-metal electronic project from Portland, Oregon based electronic-folk producer Cars & Trains. It sits in a heavier, darker end of the spectrum from his work under the Fake Four, Inc affiliated work under the Cars & Trains name. The synthesized hammering of drums, hissing static, and heavily detuned baritone guitar provide a stark contrast to the echo laden melodies of the vocals and brooding, fluttering cello. The lush shoegazer sensibility and immense wall of sound have a level of energy that comes as surprising to those familiar with earlier, more subdued work from Filepp. The heavy pulsating guitar and distorted electronic drums bring to mind influences like Godflesh or later Killing Joke, while the sense of melody, synth lines, and flickering cello parts evoke lighter acts like My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive.

Hell-P-009: Bloodmoney & Morbidly-O-Beats – ‘The Art of Self Destruction’ CD 8€
Hell-P-009 - BLoodmoney & Morbidly-O-Beats - TAOSFPortland,OR based emcee Bloodmoney and Chicago,IL based producer Morbidly-O-Beats made this album a few years ago, it came out on tape but now you can grab it on limited cd.

Hell-P-010: Hoot – ‘Down’ CD 6€
Hell-P-010 - Hoot - DownNew EP from SantaCruz,CA based producer Hoot
This collection of songs is a direct tribute to the golden era of hip hop production wise, DJ Premier/Pete Rock/Dilla/Marley Mal pre-94. Paying homage to the sliced reprogrammed breaks on top of chugging chopped soulful samples, It’s beats made for the invisible rapper in your head to kick some rhymes over while you drive through a meadow slightly buzzed from taboo recreations.


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