Yerevan Tapes

UMANZUKI – ‘Porta’ 12”
11Umanzuki is the youngest act to emerge from the current Italian Occult Psychedelia milieu. What was born as some sort of exotic free-jazz combo with the Sonic Birds EP, quickly developed into Tropical Nature Of Tiaso, a 35 minute-long improvisation built upon minimal electronics, diluted sounds and reduced synthetic rhythm. Porta, their newest effort, explores one more artistic metamorphosis. Focusing on a EP format the Florence-based trio has been able to shape the looseness of its previous creations and give birth to two skilfully crafted 8-miunte tracks. With Porta meaning Door it is no surprise that we feel like entering a new zone here, where A side is one somehow refined and emproved version of paths already explored onTropical Nature Of Tiaso, while the flipside opens to a new, almost club-oriented dimension. Beware thou, as with everything when it comes to Umanzuki, nothing here is definite or set in stone. Their creations are always too liquid and free to be framed and we’re sure their future recordings will prove us right. Porta is out May 25 on 45rpm black 12” vinyl. Limited edition of 100, comes with free digital download code.


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