Invisible City Records

ICR09: Roadside Picnic – ‘Watership Drowned’
22Roadside Picnic aka sound artist Justin Wiggan presents us with Watership Drowned, a two sided recording compromising of piercing noise, mellow drones and electonic manipulation. The recording revolves around the process of extracting the nostalgic response and influence from the film Watership Down and how the essence of the ideas contained within have an effect on people. It is concerned with the exploration of the mystery of death and the death of nature within the film and it’s world. “childhood phonological fear triggers revisited.” Justin Wiggan is based in the UK. His work has been performed and exhibited internationally and incorporates sonics, text, film, object-changing and drawing to create interface solutions to site / circumstance specific problems. A Jerwood drawing prize finalist, Justin was the first Participant to submit a sound drawing. He has released on a number of labels, including Jehu and Chinaman, VCO Records, LA COHU, Los Discos Enfantasmes, A Giant Fern, Illuminated Paths, Autistic Campaign and Seagrave. Hand dubbed C90 cassette. Black and white doubled sided artwork. Limited to 24 copies.


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