Invisible Cities

ICR10: Philipp Bückle – ‘Drawings’ £4.5
Drawings is a slow drift through an eerie landscape filled with small, delicate nuances. Calming atmospheres and subtle textures meander through this strange and intricate place as distant memories fade in and out of consciousness. Familiar sounds which you can’t quite recall become removed as you’re absorbed by the dark, illusory atmosphere. Philipp Bückle is a musician and filmmaker from Dortmund, Germany. As Teamforest he released on international acclaimed labels like Morr Music, Aesthetics and Eglantine Records. Together with Nils Quak he recorded three albums under the Beth Kleist moniker. The Paintings trilogy consists of three separate albums: Sketches, Drawings and finally Paintings. This marks the first time his real name has been used. Hand dubbed C50 cassette. Full colour double sided artwork by Caro Mikalef. Limited to 50 copies.


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