Simon Joyner/L. Eugene Methe 7″
1Simon Joyner has been releasing music since the early nineties, with thirteen albums under his belt, as well as various singles and cassettes. He’s considered the forefather of the Omaha music scene, treading similar ground as the likes of Leonard Cohen, Will Oldham and Bob Dylan, he is easily one of todays most gifted songwriters. L. Eugene Methe is an equally talented songwriter, also from Omaha, who keeps somewhat of a low profile. He has played on many of Joyner’s albums but has only released one proper album. His songs are breathtakingly poetic and starkly beautiful. Released in an edition of 300 7-Inch records (200 on black vinyl and 100 on black and gray vinyl). Housed inside a pro-printed record jacket with artwork by Luigi Falagario. Includes an insert and digital download code.

Night Auditor – ‘Drugzdilla’ CS
2Night Auditor is the new musical outing of Hilal Omar Al Jamal, formerly known as Brother Mitya. Through his own warped interpretations of doo-wop, experimental funk, gospel and psychedelic pop music – Drugzdilla explores the life of a drug dealer in the American Southwest. Released in an edition of 50 pro-dubbed and imprinted cassette’s housed inside of full-color O-Cards with artwork by Otto Splotch. Includes a digital download card.


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