Inner Islands

II037 – braeyden jae – ‘turnings’ C36
II037inspired by many close listens to light leaving, the classic 2010 cassette release from gkfoes vjgoaf, turnings finds braeyden jae relying less on the dense, blown-out bass distortions of his previous efforts, in favor of sparser electric guitar strums, generous reverb, and warmly looped vinyl crackle. as always, it is intended for both a foreground and background listening experience.

II036 – Orra – ‘Into The Wind’ c39
II036Orra is a new project out of Oakland featuring members of Ashan and Gossimer. The duo explores the quiet, creaking life of wooden sounds over stormy water with lush synths, broken instruments, and tinkling textures. Orra’s music is meant to blend, slither, emerge, and blend again into whatever environment it is released. It is the long untold night between scenes of folklore, and it is the breath and ridged back of elements unseen.

II035 – Channelers – ‘They are Cloaked in Stars and Rivers’ c35
II0353am is said to be an ideal time for ritual magic. There is an energetic clarity created when many of the busied and frenetic minds are no long wakeful. There is space. The four compositions on They are Cloaked… are created out of this sense of space. Largely recorded live, each of the four pieces begins minimally and builds to crescendo with the aid of keyboards, guitar, percussion, and field recordings processed through live electronics. This is the first album by Channelers and there are more to come.


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