Cautious Horses

Gutter Sound – ‘Gutter Sound’ C30 £4/$6
qGUTTER SOUND is music made by two North London idiots, armed with a bass guitar and a drum machine. Improvisatory recordings were cut, skewed, pulled, twisted, stretched and finally pasted into two landscape collages, each lasting 13 minutes. The project is dedicated to the ballsy actions of Admiral Ludwig von Reuter, who on 21 June 1919 took the unilateral decision to intentionally scuttle all 72 ships of the German High Seas Fleet, interned at Scapa Flow since the end of the Great War. The British, waking up to the sight of a bay full of captive ships slowly disappearing into deep water, were not best pleased. File under: Balticwave, Prussian Disco, Imperial Drone. C30 (hand-numbered edition of 50, with 18 different artwork variations).


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