nathanielsmallHigh school confusion gets muddled up in some serious brain stew. Drifting dust and debris in a dizzy off-key mid-west world. This is a pleasant offering of a young mans psychedelic song, that happens to border on something serious. to wit i mean : you will all be paying his pension. Unlimited edition with download code.

#167 – C. FRANK – ‘All The Time In The World’ CS
cfranksmallPittsburgher front-man from “post indie pop-punk-blunker-post-what-ever-have-you” band : Impossible Colors gives serious pop melancholia via acoustic wordy heart and heaves it far. Culled from years and years of demo recordings, this collection begs to be heard out. Unlimited edition with download code.

#166 – STAFFERS – ‘Good Message, Poor English’ CS
stafferssmallMid-western black and blues riffage churns and burns hard. Dreary doll drum of life expelled with enough gusto to knock the wool sock out of your mouth and then some. This collection of song dug up from the fresh concrete poured in your mommas garage. First edition of 75 in gocco printed covers with digital download.

#164 – JOE KILE – ‘2 songs’ 7″ lathe
lathesmallNew Orleans song-smith and purveyor of all that is good, cuts the deck and comes out with the 2 of hearts, just pushin it over the dealers hand. Heartfelt and clammy. All in one. Comes with 16 page booklete of art / collage hurked from notebook scrabble. Edition of 40.

discosmallSequential artist madman Ron Rege Jr dishes up a short spastic release of crazed skid-dish tap dance hypno-whatsit for a future fog settlement. Everyone joins in. Full color cover, unlimited edition, includes download code.


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