Sonic Meditations

SM060 Shawn E. Hansen – ‘Feldspar Ford Maverick’ CS
SM060CSFELDSPAR FORD MAVERICK: A solo road trip with Jean Michel Basquiat and the Michel Angelo of the menagerie, Antoine-Louis Barye. Shawn E. Hansen is a local Kansas City-based musician who produces solo work and is a part of a number of experimental groups. Hansen melds electronic tones and live radio feedback combined with subtle organ pulses, creating endless haunted loops, which is perfect for an analog release. Instrumentation: Radio & Radio Feedback, Farfisa Compact Duo and EMS Synthi AKS. Limited edition of 80, includes download card.

SM061 Terrane – ‘Basalt Palisades’ CS
SM061CSPortland-based Dewey Mahood of Plankton Wat, Eternal Tapestry and Jackie-o Motherfucker teams up with Chuck Johnson, a composer and musician from Oakland, CA. This meeting of two talented musicians puts you in an entirely ageless realm, combining pulses from Krautrock, acid folk and playful psychedelic exploration Mahood known for. Each musician intertwines ideas, showcasing a steady progression that never outdoes the mood in which it creates on the first notes. Guest appearance by Marielle Jakobsons of Date Palms on “Radiolarite”. Limited edition of 100, includes download card.


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