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ABSV – ‘Aimless (No More)’ CS
Having previously performed under the moniker’s Abusive Consumer, Abusive Delay, and Linux SKNRD, Jason Morales’ proper debut as ABSV, Aimless (No More), is a late night head trip that demands you latch every pummeling beat, succumb to the oozing delay trails, and, beyond all else, just keep moving. Composed primarily within the digital realm, ABSV incorporates enough analog pedal processing and contact mic feedback inducing, crumpling, tearing bursts of reality, to balance the icy industrial space with the natural chaos of his dubbed out influences. Aimless (No More) is an album that creates a sparse yet incredibly impacting environment. No matter how dense the noise can get. ABSV is sure to leave enough room for the beats to breath and the bass to bounce while well placed synth phrases punctuate and accentuate his world.


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