Outward Records

Concrete-smallInner Sound – ‘Concrete’ C30 $5
Outward Records brings you ‘Concrete. The first physical release by producer Inner Sound. 20 beats on home duplicated tapes to keep things raw & dusty.

Scares/Tocopa – ‘Present and Tense’ C27 $6
PresentandTense-smallSample based split tape between Iowa native Tocopa and Texas beat maker Scares. The concept behind this release was to create music for a dystopian future realized in the 1980s. A community of fallout survivors live in a city that is built within cliffs, arching above dangerous waters. The struggle to survive, not only through the shortage of resources but through controlling circumstances by power hungry men who have deemed themselves as leaders, has caused a depressing living situation for the gas mask wearing community.


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