Run/Off Editions

RUNNER003 Nickolas Mohanna – ‘Phase Line’
COVER_PHASE_LINE_SUBMISSIONCommissioned for the sound exhibition FOAM, in London this piece oscillates through a variety of media saturated sources. From electronic billboards, kiosk stations and traffic control devices, these sharp reductions are knotted into sculptural arpeggiation, to stretch the mood and spatial impressions. Within this sonic territory, the shifting range of layers solidifies the piece, manifesting a vivid panoramic sensibility. In juxtaposing these concrete sounds, the piece sections into a detailed expanse with a rough interplay of rhythmic and yet muted fractal designs. These two tracks continue to show the working palette of Mohanna, relying on the intersection of deconstructed found sound and hypnotic processing. Also working as a visual artist, producing drawings and videos as accompaniments to sound pieces, Mohanna continues to draw upon the chance interactions within city environments as the source material for his textured forms. The recording was exhibited at a number of spaces which included: Wysing Arts Centre, Project Number Gallery, ANDOR. Limited edition of 200 copies in a full color custom gatefold.


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