I Had an Accident

Sludge Factorie – ‘Sludge Tape’ C86 $8
sludgesmallSludge Factorie is cultivated from the depths of a grimey hell. Conjured up from the beats of Morbidly-O-Beats and the psychotic rhythm of words by V8. The cold cement of Chicago is the backdrop on this extensive sludge rap metal double LP “Sludge Tape.” On the word heavy Side A “Cold Sex” V8 investigates things that are as good as sex and comes up with heroin and an adventure into the woods where he proclaims he “harlem shake bears”. Its not just about sex and drugs, the aggression of V8’s rants remain dirty and tinged as V8’s introspection divulges his tar covered soul. Side B is the instrumental heavy and dense “Dead Trees.” This album is for those dirty hip hop fans on their journey to the abyss. Limited to 50 super rare Custard cassettes.

Shitao – ‘Lines’ C27 $6
linessmallShitao is a French beatmaker known for his talented cinematic beats. Lines was originally released as a digital download in 2008. The atmosphere features beautiful piano pieces emoting a somber setting with down-tempo beats and samples. The album plays out like a soundtrack as a story unfolds of deep sadness and intrigue. Exactly the type of music that peaks my interest, Lines has been a favorite for many years. Imagine the long empty road ahead. The light rain slowly taps the windshield of your car as you slowly drive through the evening lights of the cityscape. The setting is laid out so beautifully. Each passing moment, each piano key struck, deeply emotional, head nodding, and softly the vibes bounce off the soul. The layers and overlays conceptually configured into the story of a memory, its journey through the eerie mind. The piano lines pared with the kick of the drum is seductive. Lines is timeless. Released on a physical format for the first time, limited to 50 plum cassettes.


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