S U R V I V E – ‘HD015LP/540-046/LLR010’ LP
Finally, the homecoming has arrived for the 2012 debut LP from Austin-based electronic quartet S U R V I V E. With a new U.S. vinyl-reissue bringing life back to this modern classic, the band’s full spectrum of instrumental synthesizer composition is now available on LP domestically for the first time. After an extensive and rare catalog including 12″, 10″, and 7″ EP’s as well as several b-side tapes, the band’s debut full-length remains their most ambitious and defining effort, marking the culmination of several years spent recording, honing, and crafting a remarkably intricate balance of song-writing and experimentation. S U R V I V E’s dedicated and comprehensive approach to sonic-arrangement is the result of the band’s uncompromising standards of quality spread across hundreds of hours in the band’s own Omniverse Studios integrating a vast collection of both antique and modern synthesizers. Every element has been meticulously designed and microscopically placed to fulfill it’s macroscopic purpose, ensuring that every audible wave has been exhaustively scrutinized, dissected, and modulated before being allowed to join the mix. This rigorous process of sound design and discretion is reflected on all levels of the album, resulting in a masterfully accomplished and thorough work. Originally released in May 2012 on Berlin-based Mannequin Records, S U R V I V E’s highly anticipated premiere full-length keeps the middle path between reserved minimalism and gorgeously lucid melodic structures. Underlined by the band’s methodically designed production style, the album maintains a damaged quality that allows elusive yet dense song-forms to fully convey every nuance of each deeply emotive track. Ambient pieces such as To Light Alone I Bow and Deserted Skies reach a mangled harmony of tension and beauty that divides the record into a multifaceted work of both mood and melody. In contrast, the cold and brutally propulsive pair of Hourglass and Omniverse are strikingly addictive, both recently making their way onto the soundtrack of the feature film The Guest directed by Adam Wingard. The introduction of the band’s work to the cinematic medium fits quite naturally given the attention to theme and the profound level of detail and depth poured over every stage of their composition and recording process. The continued enthusiasm for S U R V I V E’s debut lead to several European represses as well as a sustained demand domestically following the increased exposure of the band. HOLODECK, 540 Records, and Light Lodge are proud to bring this new vinyl-reissue of S U R V I V E’s masterful debut to American audiences for readily accessible aural consumption. HD015LP/540-046/LLR010 is presented in an edition of 1000 150g LPs on black vinyl, pressed in the U.S. by Gotta Groove Records with reverse-matte 24 pt. jackets (with full flood-black interior print), updated album-art, and black poly-lined dust sleeves. Recorded by the band at Omniverse Studios. SURVIVE is K. Dixon, M. Stein, M. Donica, and A. Jones. Vinyl reissue released January 13, 2015. HOLODECK cassette reissue released in an edition of 200 cassettes on March 12, 2013.


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