Full of Nothing

Love Cult – ‘Wonderland’
Aficionados of all things troublesome, distressed and emotional, Love Cult are coming back with an ode to their homeland. Northern Technology. Dark Electronica. Obsessive Techno. Militant House. Noise Pop. Love Cult have recorded in a real studio for the first time, and thankfully, escaped the cleanness or overproduction whatsoever. These swampy tracks bear the weight of every single thing produced by the duo before: murky, decayed, out there. However, there’s far less stretching things out. Is this dance music? Well, if “club” means a place for lost souls and thump stands for menace, then yes.The duo’s interest is de-composing the human voice shines on Wonderland EP. Disregarding every possible parameter and value in recorded voice, the remnants of Anya’s vocal lines hang in the air like heavy smoke rings. At points, microscopic samples scrape the sound as if threatening to knife the listener. Sub-heavy beats thunder relentlessly behind raw and naked clockwork programming. Every fraction of sound re-amped through empty corridors, metal tubes and prime analogue equipment, only to be re-sculpted further. Have you ever found yourself throwing stones while in glass buildings? Dance like there’s no tomorrow, they cry in yr pillow. But remember: if a place seems scary, there’s something to learn there. Recorded by Pavel Nikolsky at Powerhouse Moscow. Mixed by Sergey Suokas in Petrozavodsk. Mastered by Francesco Donadello of Moderat & Thom Yorke fame. Art Direction & Illustration by Anya Kuts. Released by Love Cult & Full of Nothing digitally.


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