QUARTET BASE – ‘Le Diapason’
Quartet Base is a long-lasting formation. For 18 years now, Sebastien Beaumont has been writing a music that relies on the trust set in between the musicians. Based on the inmost, this new repertoire releases a deep, tensed, but sometimes funny and mischievous proposition. Texts, melodies, climates and sound memories are so many materials to a narrative and expressionist music. The first CD “Allo?”, released in 2009, sounded like a call. In this new release, singing responds to it with a pop note, tinting an elaborated and thick jazz. The trumpet of Christian Pruvost expands the sound and melodic spectrum of the band, giving to the whole a subtle blend of sonic experimentation, melodic groove and wild improvisation.

TOC – ‘Haircut’
When Toc deals with hair, it’s not about splitting them ; the three musicians are closed enough in their quest of the ultimate sonic brushing. Toc seeks, cuts, equalizes, and often uncurls. Its research is slow and progressive, repetitive and insistent, with electrified energy, always built in the moment. Neither permanent nor straight, the music waves, makes loops, gradations and colors. After a try into wildlife documentary (“Le Gorille“ – 2009), then into dance (“You Can Dance If You Want“ – 2012), Toc untangles it all, plays the density and the organic, daring the trance in a joyful and catchy tension.


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