Spring Break Tapes

Braeyden Jae — ‘Gutted’
Braeyden Jae creates the kind of drone suites that knocked you head over heels for the genre in the first place. With Gutted, the Salt Lake City-based producer extends his modest but potent canon into even bolder realms, hosting two side-long tracks of maxed-out melancholy for the masses. These are Braeyden Jae’s heaviest and most striking recordings to date.

Monte Burrows — ‘Fantasy Living’
Newcomer Monte Burrows launches what will surely be a harrowing run of postmodern post-classical din with an ear for creaky harmonies and a taste for elegiac brutality. Fantasy Living is the dust-strewn equivalent of an aural anthropologist’ drunken recollections of forgotten magic. A fading love letter to antiquated sound and technique. Both cassettes are limited edition releases. Only 100 copies of each will be available.


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