Monstres par Excès

Error: Wrong + Naturalismo + Sin:Ned + Sherman – ‘Disgiunzione #6’ CDr 5€
Disgiunzione 620 copies, plastic sleeve. The sixth installment of the Disgiunzioni series documents an evening chit-chat between four Hong Kong-based non-conventional guitar players. A meeting of strings and pickups, pedals and objects, chases and intrusions, extended techniques and intended misfires, with no commitment to structure, nor attention to climax. Moody sketches and improvised soundtracks for empty rooms.

Venta Protesix/Naturalismo – ‘Nagasaki Coin-Op Virus’ CDr 5€
Nagasaki Coin-Op Virus9 copies. slim color poly-box, floppy-shaped mini CDr. In 2014, an unknown malware infected all the cabinets of a videogame arcade in Nagasaki, Japan. The virus was programmed to switch on the machines at night, overloading their audio processors through complex feedbacking exploits and generating an insane ensemble of overdriven 8-bit synthesizers piercing through the serenity of the neighborhood. Venta Protesix and Naturalismo present two remixes of the sounds recorded during the famous Nagasaki Coin-Op Virus incident, redefining the contours of future EDM through explorations of extreme bass-end throbs and logarithmic sequencing of glitched videogame audio.


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