Sparklingwide Pressure – ‘Rhythmic, Droning’
This is Sparklingwide Pressure’s second release for Heligator Records. Frank Baugh is Murfreesboro, TN’s shining hope in intense, drone-based experimental music. Baugh’s latest EP for Heligator is all about the beats. For those of you familiar with SWP’s flowing, languid guitar and synth paired with stabs of sharp, atonal noise, framing something like this on beats may sound anachronistic. But it totally makes sense. “Square” starts with pulsing, unrelenting tom-hit while pitch-shifted everything swirls over and beneath. “Blended Ghost House” pairs looping free-jazz woodwinds with a seriously deconstructed boom-bap before the track changes into an entirely new animal. “Triangle’s” beats are gorgeous and lush, paired with a shoegazey haze of processed guitars, Baugh’s sonic landscape strikes a chord to other Heligator alumni Landing. Easily one of the strongest Heligator releases. Hope you love it as much as I do. As always, all proceeds go to the library at the Malindza Refugee Camp.


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