DK050 Howard Stelzer – ‘Brayton Point’ CD 8€
DK050psiHoward Stelzer’s “Brayton Point” is a massive slab of slow throb built out of the sounds of the Brayton Point Generating Station in Somerset, Massachusetts.Brayton Point is the largest coal-fired power plant in New England. A town sprang up around it as the suburbs expanded, so now the complex sits across the street from a park and a baseball field where kids play. Local residents enjoy looming cooling towers (designed to be aesthetically pleasing, believe it or not) blocking the view of the sky above their back yards. Stelzer has always felt ambivalent toward power plants, both amazed and repulsed by their architecture. He explains his goal in constructing music out of the sounds of the site: “I aimed to get across what these structures are like in my imagination… monstrous, horrible, imposing, completely stoic and inhuman and yet also beautiful in a way that’s difficult to articulate.””Brayton Point” is Stelzer’s first solo album since 2008’s “Bond Inlets”Howard Stelzer has been making music out of cassette tapes and tape players since the mid-1990’s. He ran the Intransitive Recordings label from 1998 to 2012, and currently teaches middle school in Lowell, MA.

DK051 Pregnant’s Pore – ‘Déjà Vu of the Papyrus Tongue’ C30 5€
dk051psiJustin Marc Lloyd (aka pregnant spore aka j. marcloid aka pregnant’s pore aka pregnant lloyd aka prrgnt spr aka jml aka 229, etc., etc.) of chicago, il/baltimore, md, usa. ill-at-ease and barely-balancing scraps of bizarre mental orchestras that reincarnate themselves over and over as they grow. strange and unhinged attempts to escape the body in order to portray meditative states within nonsensical juxtaposition, avant-garde psychedelia, and exaggerated catharsis. deep inspiration drawn from atmospheric pressure, REBT, buddhism, self-talk, rage, chemistry, fear, dreams, repurposing, re-contextualizing. noise=music. Ltd. edition of 50 copies artwork by JML, graphic layout by mic/nodolby.

DK052 Rust Worship – ‘Area’ C30 5€
dk052psi“Area”, like many other releases of Rust Worship, aka Paul Haney also Obsolete Units’ head honcho, is a live report . Rust Worship signature is the abuse of loops collisions, accumulated one over the other like tons of rust upon iron debris, the consequent overwhelming sound-storm will fill your auditory canals! These two live-set were recorded in Oakland and in San Francisco between 2013 and 2014. Ltd. edition of 50 copies, artwork by mic/nodolby


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