Retrograde Tapes

Parashi – ‘Pilot’s Salt’ LP
pilotssalt100x100Since 2009 Mike Griffin has been exploring sound by steadily releasing Parashi missives on a slew of tape labels including Tape Drift, GNS, Stunned, and his own Skell Records as well as playing in Burnt Hills, Urkas, and Mensheviks. Busy guy, for sure. Though prolific his mounting body of work continues to evolve & expand in new ways with each release, broadening the bleak & often ominous abyssal planes he’s become known for. Still, a distinct signature naturally permeates into his sound: every dark corner & shrill tone is uniquely & unmistakably Parashi and Pilot’s Salt is no exception. Pilot’s Salt finds Parashi utilizing modular synths, tape, metal objects, & noise generators to further his technique of improvised sound as defined by the interactions of the sonic elements within. Perhaps more than ever a sense of abstract narrative & development emerges from each patiently evolving track as Parashi freely explores the limits of his rigs. As Griffin himself states, “the goal is to create something with as little conscious method of control or composition as possible, to rely upon the unconscious mind to drift through the setup and produce something before it’s all over.” Restrained or intense, ominous or outright hostile, the raw gristle of Pilot’s Salt transports the listener to the dark recesses of improv noise & leaves it up to them to find their own way back. Pilot’s Salt is limited to 300 copies with original art by Jacob Van Loon, the first 100 of which come on white & black marble-mixed vinyl.


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