Frond – ‘The Second Continent’
Frond-TheSecondContinentThe Second Continent is the debut album from producer and phonographer Frond. Blending gentle acoustics, intense electronics and field recordings, this is a personal journey through a landscape of forgotten melodies and vivid textures. A haunting beauty lingers inside these tracks, which draws you in deeper every time you listen to them. Richard Bultitude has produced music since he was a teenager and in his mid-twenties launched his first project Point B, the back catalogue of which features numerous atmospheric beatless tracks which were the precursor to Frond. The Second Continent is the first album in the Esc.rec. catalogue to be released on a (limited) audio cassette. Not just because releasing audio cassettes is ‘hot’ right now, but because the tape sound aesthetic compliments Frond’s album. Just like the selected artwork by Holger Lippmann does. German artist Holger Lippmann began his career with traditional materials but moved into computational design and generative art in the early 90s. The piece ‘perlin scape 24’, which features on this record, was completed in 2012 and comprised of 12 plates of laser engraved wood. Besides the limited edition audio cassette in handmade cover (only 50 copies!), The Second Continent is also available as a digital download.


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