Full of Nothing

Pick a Piper/Squalloscope/Love Cult 7″
fgis a collaborative EP by three artists from Canada, Austria and Russia respectively. The young producers met in New York to attend Red Bull Music Academy and worked out two gorgeous tracks operating on the fringes of pop, weirdo electronics and psychedelia. The 7″ vinyl contains “Never Get Lost”, an epic tripped-out semi-naive number fronted by the multi-talented Viennese singer-songwriter Anna Kohlweis, and is backed up with “Ruin”, a dark swinging 4/4 groove by Pick a Piper washed away with Anya Kuts’ trademark drone chorals. The digital part of the EP is three additional off-collab tracks, produced by Pick a Piper, Squalloscope and Love Cult separately. Brad Weber, another prime percussionist cum producer type and a longtime drummer for Caribou, fuses krautrock synth drool with piquant afrobeat-inspired patterns, while Squalloscope produces a tender melancholic bedroom-pop masterpiece and Love Cult deliver an overloaded euphoric cassette slab with an eccentric 808 beat. Vinyl was mastered and cut by Francesco Donadello (Moderat, Thom Yorke etc.) and the big hole 45 rpm 7 inch comes in slick über-minimal screen-printed design by Anya Kuts. Limited edition of 300 copies, with instant download of the digital EP.


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