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The Sinister Insult – ‘Ghost Of A Hurt’ C60 £5
TSI animal psiGhost of a Hurt is the first release by The Sinister Insult which was originally released as a CD package in 2011. Available for the first time as a limited cassette edition, it is inspired by a sixty-year-old mystery, the soundtrack for a film that need never be made because no single interpretation could do justice to the strange and haunting story of ‘Who put Bella in the Wych Elm’: a story that involves murder, witchcraft, Nazis, voices from beyond the grave and rituals in the dark. Wrenched from the four corners of Albion, THE SINISTER INSULT (motto: “Weird Fictions. Strange Places. Lesbian Vampires.”) pursue their ideal of ‘White Noise Folk’ via transcendental guitar movements, field recordings, quality art, obsessive writings and keyboards that never come out of the basement. Recorded on a high-quality pea green audio cassette, with artwork by Rik Rawling. Limited to 25 copies world-wide.


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