Cruel Nature

Sete Star Sept/Platemaker/Psychotic Sufferance/Gorgonized Dorks 2xC30 boxset £8
animal psi31 tracks, 4 bands, 2 tapes, 1 box set of full-whack global grindnoise mayhem with suitably lurid artwork by Josh Decker. Here’s some spiel on the bands: SETE STAR SEPT – Massively prolific and constantly touring Japanese Gerogerigegege-influenced noisegrind band, now into its 10th year; PLATEMAKER – Workplace grievance related noisecore beef attack from Newcastle, UK; PSYCHOTIC SUFFERANCE – Super raw Malaysian noise grindcore formed in 1998; GORGONIZED DORKS – Spazzed-out West Coast noisecore from Culver City, California USA. Recorded on high-quality blood red cassettes. Limited to 50 copies world-wide.


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