Sonic Meditations

SM048lp.inddSM059 EXPO ’70 – ‘July 18, 2004’ LP/CS
10th anniversary of the first recording coming to vinyl. 180 gram vinyl, 300 black and 200 white with bonus material.
First solo recording by Aaron Hawn, ex-bassist bassist for Mythical Beast SM057Cassette.indd(NotNotFun). Carefully crafted instrumental album recorded after his departure from New Orleans to California. A collection of textures and moods as a portrait of life leading up to his departure from New Orleans. Limited to 80 Cassettes + download.

SM057 EXPO SEVENTY – ‘Frozen Living Elements’ CS
SM057CSImprovised jams recorded earlier this year featuring Jim Button of The Conquerors on drums. Three tracks total, one from last year featuring the duo synth explorations between Aaron Osborne (current bassist for the trio) and Justin Wright. Limited to 150 Cassettes + download.

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