Cruel Nature

Waheela – ‘HX Pop’ C60 £5
hx popWaheela’s first cassette release marks a bit of a departure from previous albums in that there are four tracks for a start, rather than just a lengthy one. Still paying homage to their trademark non-denominational riff worship, Side H presents 3 new studio tracks that segue from a full-on psych improv noise rock work out into more contemplative moments before kicking you in with more raging clatter and thrash. Side X is a recording of Waheela’s performance at last year’s Octernal festival and shows that they can whip up a storm live as well as in the studio. An immense prog battle against waves of reverberation, held in a deconsecrated church. Imagine some steroid tyrant striding down a corridor carved out of lapis lazuli or something. Check out the review from Raised By Gypsies zine.  LIMITED TO 50 COPIES.


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