Sacred Phrases

SP-44 LXV – ‘Spectral Playmate’ CS
LXV is the most recent moniker of David Sutton (formerly Current Amnesia and 1/2 of Car Commercials). Spectral Playmate is a continuing exploration of evocation and confrontation with the uncanny and ethereal through means of digital processing. With the combination of digital synthesis, composing sampled material, generating voices and mapping field recordings the intent of Spectral Playmate is tight contraptions the listener can slip into, move about and decode sonically. The small chattering in a real dream, moving over you in a hall of mirrors, the Sirenes rising out of digital ocean and jittering along. “We seem to be surrounded by an almost invisible world that can manipulate us in any way.” -John Keel Limited edition of 100 copies. Comes with free download code.

SP-45 Samantha Glass – ‘Surface Water Perception’ CS
Programed synthesizers smear a darkened palette driven by sparse drums. Handsome mumbler draws voice to noise and back again. Wandering organs pile atop one another, deeply affecting a hazy headspace. Tenuous rumble drawn against rhythm supports swelling ideas, dwindling concerns. The new EP from Samantha Glass “Surface Water Perception” supports the body liquid, the airy head. Samantha Glass is Beau Deveraux, organizer and owner of Madison WI. based Golden Cloud Tapes. Limited edition of 100 copies. Comes with free download code.


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