Monstres par Excès

The Shock Technician & Bipolar Joe – ‘Music Stinks’ CDr
Music StinksAfter an spambot assault allowed by laziness and lasseiz-faire, the hyper-elite bullettin board Music Stinks! Рmeeting place for an assorted bunch of harsh noise pariahs banned from other forums Рwent 404 in early 2014, marking the end of a loosely knit and self-hating discussion board community of noise out-outsiders gathering around Soundomaso Records and its web server. This 51-minute slab of booze-fueled distortions, recorded live by two staple members of that BBS, is published by Monstres par Exc̬s as a tribute to (and tombstone of) those great years of noise scene meta-trolling, forum wars and cyberhooliganism. Before wall noise, there was thread noise.

Cassa Ufficio Malattie Tropicali – ‘Andreotti’
AndreottiAn unlikely objet d’art, C.U.M.T.’s long-awaited 12” contains a barely legal performance of The Gerogerigegege’s 昭和 (Shōwa) adapted to the local political context: televised dreamsurfer Giulio Andreotti as Hirohito, an overdriven Inno di Mameli, and an unerotic field recording of exhibitionist Italian sexual failure streamed from a porn website. A dadaist post-industrial tribute to Juntaro Yamanouchi, with our blessings.


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