Black Packers – ‘living the dream’ CS 5
jean-philippe gross and john hegre (jazzkammer) are merging their heads in order to become the new masters of feedback. 25 minutes of total earbleeding noise. for connoisseurs as they say in your favourite thaï restaurant. and i know you are.

Mathieu Garrouste – ‘art-distraction’ CS 5
2 sides of concrete noise environnement made of radio, dead guitar, electronics and sweat. like a forest walk in mr garouste’s brain for yr infinite pleasure. the soundtrack of his life.

Placenta Popeye/Fusiller – ‘live series vol. 11’ split CS 5
Placenta side recorded in january 2014 for their reunion show. power harsh rock. what guns n’ roses’ chinese democraty should have been. fusiller side recorded in december 2013, paris. wild wild fist, screams and dead beats. but full of love. also included an introductive fake drone.


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