PHASE FATALE – ‘Skyscraper’ EP
Phase Fatale is the new techno project of Hayden Payne (also behind the cold wave band Dream Affair) based in Berlin via New York. With only two appearances on compilations from Nostilevo and Electric Voice Records last year, Payne debuts his first 12” EP, *Skyscraper*, through Avant! Records on July 15. The EP moves between noise-ridden soundscapes and minimal industrial techno rhythms influenced by EBM classics, such as Front 242 and Klinik, to modern contemporaries like Silent Servant and Ancient Methods. Only 23, Hayden Payne approaches his music with a youthful and unique touch turning disparate sounds into driving and danceable noise. All tracks were recorded live using only hardware synthesizers, drum machines and effects.

HAND OF DUST – ‘Walk in White’ 7″
Hand Of Dust is a trio from Copenhagen. They somehow belong the Posh Isolation brood but they play a personal variation of dark rock music with roots in folk and with a lot of focus on songwriting and lyrics. Originally formed in order to play the acoustic songs of singer Bo Høyer Hansen as an electric setting, it quickly grew into a band.


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