SUTT – ‘Elementer’ C30 5
SuttSUTT is a duo, formed in June 2012, in Berlin, by Sofie Trolde Christiansen (voice) and Utku Tavil (drums). Since then, they have toured and given concerts in Italy, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Japan. Elementer alternates delicate and fragile passes made ​​of minimal details at the most devastating and overwhelming situations, always careful to the research that blends perfectly electronics, impro and vocal expression. A clever drumming full of nuances and an engaging voice with a great interpretatation ability. Sutt in these pieces show a serious personality through a dynamic improvisation wide spectrum. 6 tracks including a devastating piece taken from a Japan live. *artwork by truculentboy. full printed artwork and pro dubbed tape. limited to 70 hand-numbered copies. including download code.*

JABBER GARLAND – ‘Primitive Future’ C50 5
Jabber GarlandJabber Garland are Sindre Bjerga and Andreas Brandal, two Norwegian veterans of experimental weirdness, team up for the second time with a new album, following last years “Catalogue of Disasters”. This time around recording is more accomplished and refined. About 50 minutes of noisy compositions, environmental fractures, weird inserts, objects texture, in constant tension between crooked cinematic visions and alienating drama. *artwork by truculentboy. pro-dubbed tape and full printed artwork. limited to 50 hand-numbered copies. including download code.*

PALE SISTER – ‘Embeddead’ 3″CDr 5
Pale Sisternew release for this mysterious and elusive project. obscure and intangible entity that manifests itself through the 23 fragments of “Embeddead”, a delusional and aggressive path, built with great compositional skills. Explosive dynamics made of harsh boulders, lancinating cut-up, alienating power electronics, experimental scars, submerged rhythms, and massive drones. 20 shocking minutes for disorient themselves. threatening volume! *artwork by truculentboy. full color artwork and hand-painted cdr. limited to 50 hand-numbered copies. including download code*

GRIZZLY IMPLODED – ‘Threatening Fragments From Four Boulders’ C20 5
Grizzly ImplodedGrizzly Imploded is a trio formed by Francesco Gregoretti, Maurizio Argenziano and Sergio Albano that play improvised music. Two guitars and a drum engaged in sound research that results in a wild assortment of sonic events as a point of contact between the unrepeatability of performative acts, the intensity of noise music, the tradition of electroacoustic music and the experimental attitude. *”Threatening Fragments From Four Boulders”* is their second release on Sincope. 4 track, 20 minutes for an oppressive and decontrolled growl. *artwork by truculentboy. full color artwork and pro-dubbed tape. limited to 70 hand-numbered copies. including download code.


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