I Had an Accident

Telecaves/Walter Gross – ‘Line Fracture/Trigger’ C33 $6
telecaveswgsmallFrom sunny Los Angeles comes the doom dark drone arrangement of twisted textured sounds of Telecaves. Line Fracture is the collection of three tracks filled with massively layered soundscapes labeled as “viscerally terrifying.” Sentimental art fuckery, Telecaves clearly cut a refined sound of disturbance. The b-side features Walter Gross – back from his demise in Los Angeles, “Trigger” approaches a reminiscent sound of 2013’s “the end is coming” epic vinyl debut “Rotocraft.” 15 minutes slammed into ambient noise, strained vocals, stretched chords, epic beats, and the trademark Walter Gross sound. You cannot replicate such originality. Together Line Fracture / Trigger loop and hurl sounds of isolation. Limited to 100 copies, 50 on green and 50 on black cassettes.

Teaadora – ‘Blood Gold’ C11 $5
teaadorasmallTeaadora is a singer/songwriter from Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. Blood Gold is the follow-up cassingle to Teaadora’s 2013 full-length “Virgin Forever.” A slight departure from the very lo-fi recording style, but staying true to nature, Teaadora’s self-awareness pours through the poetic lyrics and beautifully hypnotizing vocals and ethereal instrumentation. The two tracks featured take on a more pop essence than much of Virgin Forever. This growth in performing and recording has not spared that lo-fi ethic completely., but the maturity is noted. The music is still haunting and minimal. The opening track, Perfect Love, is a very sentimental ballad that features the softly spoken lyrics of a somber nature. Contrasted with Blood Gold which takes on a more “full-band” approach with a nice drum beat that carries the song off into an inner depth of love and despair.


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