Monstres par Excès

Naturalismo + Sherman – ‘Disgiunzione #5’ CDr
Naturalismo + Sherman20 copies. Six live sketches for two unprepared guitars. Yearning for a lazy breakfast on a warmer morning. Joking on orientalism as the fingers writhe around the pitches of a Chinese opera phrasing. This other song, we wrote on Refrew Road. Sorry, Derek, this is kind of a rip-off, and a badly played one. I would practice more if I had time to. Really, I would but I can’t.

Naturalismo – ‘Undici Anni’
Undici AnniEleven years. Ninety-three memories. Seven minutes of sound. Three seconds on average. Infinite if looped. Generative cut-up. Databent .wav-to-.raw-to-.wav-to-.mp3. Conversion artifacts. Photoshopped panning. Unmasterable. Natively digital. Codec-dependent. The music happens in the player. Pixel-based live-coding. Glitching as strategy. Please play with random & repeat ON.


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