Human Adult Band – ‘Trash Pickin’’ [Review]

Trash PickinThe Butthole Surfers of the East coast are at it again. Not that region matters all that much when you’re living the dream of what punk could have been. This two song 45rpm 7” hits the perfect pitch of post-punk grunge which had the smart ones shouting ‘the Americans are coming!’ in 1987. Think of The Surfers, The Cows, Truman’s Water. Maybe not something you’d expect to come out of New Brunswick, but maybe I’m overthinking it for you. Albini-meanie but foremost about rock and roll like San Diego’s fluf, Trevor Pennsylvania sings about his muse on “Garbage & th’ Trees.” It’s got AmRep brutality and Subterranean Pop irony. “Night Terrors” is suitably darker, splicing anthemic verses with a steely-cold spasm in between – a rare moment of instrumental freedom for the Human Adult Band, and the only place no trace of humor can be found. Sometimes dreams can be the harsher reality. On black vinyl with a sleeve and sticker. On the cheap for a limited time!


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