Tinnitus Records

Pattern B – ‘Spring Glory EP’ CS $4
TIN019Tinnitus Records is proud to present the first release from Ukranian post-rock group Pattern B (featuring the artist responsible for ambient/noise project Dao De Noize). This three track EP runs approximately 15 minutes in length and features three radically distinct interpretations of their mesmerizing song “Spring Glory.” The group’s first song, “Cycle,” is available to stream on our Soundcloud page.

/dev/random – ‘LP3’ CS $5
TIN020The third full-length album from electronic/ambient/drone artist /dev/random shows the artist moving away from his original vaporwave/plunderphonic inspirations to focus more on composed soundscapes. The artist told us that his goal was to create a record that “sounds like a VCR and a Roland Juno-60 had a child who was an acid addict,” and we think he succeeded admirably. A 30 minute preview mix by the artist is available to stream on our Soundcloudo page.


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