Peter J. Woods – ‘Impure Gold pt. I’ [Review]

ImpureGoldJacketMilwaukee’s Experimental Milwaukee’s experimental Peter J. Woods has made a president’s address (or at least part of one). The three song ‘Impure Gold pt. I’ shares a Harsher-Noise-label-head’s reasoned, well-paced authorship with Pita, Bob Bellerue and Ricardo Donoso. I’d characterize it as “wry,” which is like wrinkly (e.g., tobacco leaf) and temperamental (like a boss), but mostly quiet and easy to be around. “Empty Vessels” begins with a dicta-vlob of dehumanized monologue. The blabber is ripped at the bias by chains of tonal shriek, a raising cry that starts a plateau, and furnace blasts of rolling fury. The track truly succeeds for its precision applications of volume, but also the knowing when not to. Though not to say he can’t. The title track puts up where the other was shut up, screaming trading punches for a pummeling, dissected severely by bright white bands of silence. At last, “Notes from within the Epicenter” consumes the back half with a 9/11 Memorial of a Mistake of burning hubris, the tone so sharp it casts deep echoes in the room. Additional beams enter, some high some low, imprisoning an effected and uncomfortably close narrator casting Power Violence aspersions directly in our ear. Beams glimmer, then the noise breaches in steady bursts – less like god and more like a drum-roll’s applause for this Wagnerian opera. Recommended.


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